Woodland and Forestry Valuation

Woodland and Forest Valuations North Devon

Just as woodland and forests are diverse, woodland and forest valuations in North Devon areas can be equally as complicated. Forest investors, landowners and stakeholders at all levels benefit by using direct comparison sales info from transactions dealt with by Nancekivell & Co in the North Devon, West Somerset and Exmoor area.

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Valuation Of Woodland

As a RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) registered valuer, we work to the current standards when valuing woodland areas and give our clients a comprehensive, respected and trusted service. Woodland and forest valuations in North Devon can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:-

  • Capital taxation
  • Sales & Purchases
  • Loan Security
  • Renewable Energy
  • Compulsory Purchase
  • Development

This list is not exhaustive, but here at Nancekivell & Co we work with our clients to guide you through and keep you fully informed at each stage. If you have a question about woodland and forest valuation or are unsure if you need such a valuation, our expert team will be able to help.

Forestry Valuation

When our team undertakes forestry valuation on your property, we take into account impacting variables that have an effect on the overall valuation. These variables include type or mix of trees in the woodland area, the impact of timber prices, the changes in the land value over recent period of time and changes driven by investment sentiment.

Categories of Woodland Valuation

Categories of woodland vary depending on the species and their location. Here at Nancekivell & Co, our experienced team will instruct our customers on how each category applies to their circumstances and give a detailed valuation.

Primarily, these categories, full under these main types:-

  • Commercial or Investment Woodland- Typically, woodlands containing species for financial return.
  • Amenity Woodland- used mainly for sporting and amenity purposes.
  • Rural Estate and Farm Woodland- Primarily use for practical reasons such as shelter from the wind, prevention of soil erosion and also including sporting value.
  • Woodlands connected to other property assets- when the wooded area may add value to a property rather than its individual value.

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