Rural Farmhouses and Cottages

Rural Farmhouses and Cottages North Devon

Working with our clients, Nancekivell & Co undertake valuations of assets for rural farmhouses and cottages in North Devon. Our team can report on valuations for many purposes such as loan security, taxation, internal transfers or for dispute resolution. With over 20 years’ experience and a trusted service that is respected by many official bodies, we can provide informed and accurate valuation for your property.

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Valuation Of Rural Assets

We cover all the bases when valuing a rural property and its assets. Working to our client’s time schedule we carry out comprehensive inspections, completing all due diligence, identifying comparable evidence, conducting all necessary calculations to compile a detailed valuation and provide a clear report.

Rural Property Valuers

Our rural property valuers have a great source of knowledge for the geographical areas in North Devon, West Somerset, and Exmoor. Using this knowledge, we are able to give unparalleled services to our clients across a broad range of industries. We are recognised by clients such as councils, banks, corporate industries and official institutions as a respected and reliable.

Professional Property Valuation

Peter Nancekivell has over 20 years’ experience in professional property valuations of rural farmhouses and cottages in North Devon. Working with such professional bodies & officials as banks, building societies, utility companies and solicitors, to name a few. He and his team are able to pull on a vast knowledge of their sector and provide an in-depth & valued service to their clients.

Peter and his team take pride in their attention to detail and with their internal audit system process they ensure their clients an accurate and informed valuation.

Land & Property For Sale

Click here for property and land for sale in the North Devon, West Somerset and Exmoor areas.

Contact Nancekivell & Co Today

Contact Nancekivell & Co today. We provide an extensive property valuation for your rural farmhouses and cottages in North Devon. Our clients are of the utmost importance for us, we give an informed, respected and trusted service that gives a clearly laid-out detailed report. Supported by continued support for each of our clients, drawing on our high level of knowledge throughout the sector.

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