Recoveries and Receivership

Recoveries And Receivership North Devon

Our expert team helps to deal with recoveries and receivership in North Devon, working with lenders who feel that a loan may be defaulted or have any existing default loans. We work with the LPA receiver to manage and execute the sale of the property to quickly return any borrowed sums to the lenders. We have a wealth of local knowledge across Devon, West Somerset and Exmoor, Nancekivell & Co provide an expert service to lenders.

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Property Recoveries Specialist

We will start by laying out a strategy with a detailed understanding of the property and the lenders current situation. We will work through the main objectives and any issues a lender may feel could arise as the process progresses, providing you with a detailed exit strategy. On behalf of the lender we liaise with all involved including advisers, servicers, and solicitors to effectively manage the returning of borrowed monies to our clients.

Recovered Property Sale

Nancekivell & Co will undertake the recovered property sale and ensure any client gets the best service and comprehensive advertising coverage for the property or lands. We work across Devon and surrounding counties; our specialist team have a high level of knowledge of the local area and can ensure the property is best represented in the market and ensure the return of borrowed funds.

Receivership Specialist

Peter Nancekivell is a receivership specialist who has worked in the field for over 25 years. He has a straight-talking, hands-on approach to help resolve loan repayments and deals with any eroding to the property value.

We are the representatives of our clients, by liaising with everyone involved and working to achieve a positive outcome for all parties. If our clients may suffer a loss, we are the local experts to help return borrowed monies through a timely sale of the recovered property, ensuring any losses are kept to a minimum.

Land & Property For Sale

Click here for property and land for sale in the North Devon, West Somerset and Exmoor areas.

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Contact Nancekivell & Co provide a comprehensive recoveries and receivership in North Devon. We provide extensive local knowledge and detailed, respected and unrivalled service within the sector. In cases where a loss may be suffered we maximise the return through experienced sale of the assets involved.

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