Utilities and Compensation

Utilities And Compensation North Devon

Our services in utilities and compensation in North Devon provides surface damage and consequential loss valuation information when utility companies or government bodies have made access to land in West Somerset and Exmoor. We prepare claims in an efficient manner and with our 20 years of experience in the field, we can ensure our clients receive the best wayleave agreement service and support our clients should any issues arise after the agreement has been completed.

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Wayleave Agreements

We assist our clients with the arrangement of wayleave agreements, when work is required on your land by utility companies or official bodies, we can help you to claim back the cost of this with a wayleave agreement using our services relating to utilities and compensation in North Devon. Such companies & government bodies may include:

  • Telecommunication Companies
  • Water Companies
  • Electricity Companies
  • Gas Companies
  • Highway Agency
  • Environmental Agency
  • Local Authorities

Each situation can vary in the process and handling of the wayleave agreement, our team has extensive experience that makes the process as efficient as possible, and are able to advise should the process result in any wayleave disputes with the involved company or official bodies. All our wayleave agreements are calculated and checked to the agreed national rates.

Wayleave Disputes

If an agreement cannot be met with these companies or the landowner does not wish to allow access on to their lands, there will be processes both the landowner and the companies can undertake to resolve these issues, such as compulsory purchase, although this case can be rare. We encourage open communication with both parties and we support our clients in achieving the best outcome for them. We will outline the process and any disputes that may arise from the start,  to keep you informed.

Nancekivell & Co can guide your through each stage and answer any question or concerns you may have throughout the process.

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