Matrimonial Valuation North Devon

When taking part in matrimonial negotiations and potential litigation, we undertake all aspects of a matrimonial valuation in North Devon, West Somerset and Exmoor, to assist both solicitors and our clients. In what can be a stressful period for all parties, we act under single or joint appointments or we can be directly appointed by the court. We prepare valuation reports that can be used in matrimonial and family negotiations, or for court purposes where a surveyor is appointed as an expert witness.

All our valuations comply with RICS ‘Red Book’ industry standard and are recognised by all official courts and bodies. We have undertaken several matrimonial valuations and provide an expert service through our highly experienced property valuers.

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Expert Property Valuer

As an expert property valuer with over twenty years’ experience, Peter can act as an expert witness and values most property types. With extensive knowledge of the local area within North Devon, West Somerset and Exmoor, Peter is a highly trained valuer who is able to provide a tailored service for his clients.

Peter is a RICS registered valuer and undertakes all asset valuations to the current industry standards and has experience spanning 20 years. This allows him to provide a valuation to the highest standards and knowledge that is required for any court proceedings.

Matrimonial Asset Valuation

At Nancekivell & Co, we focus on our clients and providing a professional, reliable, and thorough advice. Matrimonial asset valuation in what can be, in some situations, a stressful time needs to be undertaken by a respectful manner to all involved and that is where we are trusted with our sector to provide this to an outstanding level. Our team will provide a matrimonial valuation report which will provide you with an accurate value of the property which you can then take forward throughout ongoing proceedings.

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