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Property and Land Valuation Specialist North Devon

Peter Nancekivell MRICS is a property and land valuation specialist in North Devon. Our services are available to private individuals and an array of businesses and suppliers. Working across North Devon, West Somerset, and Exmoor, we undertake valuations on a one-off or repeat basis for many customers in the rural sector, including rural residential property.

With over 25 years’ experience in valuing and selling unique rural properties and land this makes us one of the most proficient valuers in our sector.

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Land & Property For Sale

Find unique property and land for sale across North Devon, West Somerset, and Exmoor with Nancekivell.

Agricultural Land and Buildings

Focusing on valuation of property on rural agricultural lands and buildings across Devon and surrounding areas. Nancekivell & Co give a comprehensive service for our clients.

Farms, Smallholdings and Homes with Land

We undertake every aspect of property valuation on farms, smallholdings, and homes with land. Trusted for over 20 years, our team will undertake all valuations in a clearly laid-out report.

Rural Farmhouses and Cottages

We are ideally placed and with a wealth of experience in North Devon and surrounding areas, we provide an extensive service of property valuation for your rural farmhouse or cottages. Providing an informed and accurate valuation for your property.

Expert Witness

Our team provide an expert witness service in and across Devon for both claimants and defendants. In what can be a difficult process, we support our clients through each stage. Providing an objective and efficient service in a professional manner.

Utilities and Compensation

Nancekivell & Co have 20 years’ experience in the full wayleave agreement process. Working with our clients to achieve acceptable agreement with utility companies or official bodies.

Woodland and Forestry Valuation

We work with with forest investors, landowners, and stakeholders to achieve a detailed service. Using direct comparison sales to provide an accurate valuation price. Our team provides an experienced and trusted overall service in North Devon, West Somerset, and Exmoor.

Matrimonial Property and Land Negotiations

Our team undertake property and land valuation for the purposes of matrimonial negotiations. At what can be a stressful time, Nancekivell & Co, provide a respectful and objective service to each of clients.

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Working towards an agreeable outcome for all involved, Nancekivell & Co, work with our clients to ensure any compulsory purchase and compensation process is arranged in an efficient and respectful manner.


All our reports are provided to the ‘Red Book’ format, in keeping with RICS valuation guidelines. We have worked with many lenders and Peter Nancekivell is an agricultural panel valuer, with 20 years’ experience, for Lloyds bank.

Tax and Trusts and Accounts

Peter Nancekivell has an excellent working relationship with HMRC and local district valuers, that allows him to provide an excellent tax, trust, and accounts property valuation service for his clients.

Farm Business

With expert experience in Farm business tenancies, our team provides a detailed service through the entire process and a tenancy dispute resolution service, to ensure a timely agreement with current tenants.

Grazing Licenses

As grazing license specialists, we prepare critical documents and clear management of the entire process. With our high level of local knowledge in Devon, West Somerset, and Exmoor, we have been repeatably instructed by our valued clients.

Recoveries and

As a receivership specialist, Peter Nancekivell has worked with the sector for over 20 years. Providing a hands-on approach to recoveries and receivership valuations. Working with our clients to provide an over reduction in any loses.

Probate and
Inheritance Tax

At Nancekivell we can act as, and for, executors. Our property valuations adhere to HMRC guidelines and give a detailed value from the date of death for both probate and inheritance tax reporting.

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Contact Nancekivell & Co today to enquire about all your property and valuation needs. We provide an extensive service with our skilled team with over 20 years’ experience in our sector.

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