Compulsory Purchase and Compensation

Compulsory Purchase and Compensation North Devon

When you find yourself in a situation involving compulsory purchase and compensation in North Devon, West Somerset, and Exmoor, we assist our agricultural landowners to deal with all the associated notices and objections. At what can be a highly stressful time, Nancekivell & Co can advise you on how you can move through the process and work towards an agreeable outcome.

As registered RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) professionals, we follow a high level of industry standards in all our services available to our clients. In the case of compulsory purchase and compensation we ensure a robust and pragmatic approach when dealing with the acquiring authority or company and assist with negotiations, including any contractor issues that may arise.

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Compulsory Purchase Advice

Our team is ideally placed within our sector to provide advice on compulsory purchase and compensation in North Devon. When compulsory purchase and compensation in North Devon arises, this is when public or private bodies such as the government, council or a utility companies have the legal right to buy or take rights over private property. Some instances can include: –

  • Electricity pylons and cables
  • Housing developments
  • Road and rail projects

Compensation Negotiations

In most cases of compulsory purchase, it is when wayleave and compensation negotiations have broken down or the current landowner does not wish to part with the land. Here at Nancekivell & Co, we support our clients to complete and react to any objections or negotiations, to meet a mutually agreeable outcome. As an experienced expert witnesses in cases like this, our team has a unique experience within our rural community and is perfectly placed to provide support to our clients and engage in meaningful negotiations. 

Professional Purchase Negotiation

Our skilled team can guide you through each stage of the compulsory purchase & compensation process. We can respond to statutory notices, submit objections, agree accommodation works, advise on potential loss of development value and diminution in value of the retained property, handle claim assessment and any negotiations.

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