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Tax, Trusts and Accounts North Devon

We provide valuations for tax, trusts and accounts in North Devon at both rural and residential property. Peter has an expert understanding of the property tax process,  with a keen awareness of how it applies to each client. He also has an excellent relationship with both the HMRC and the local district valuers, this relationship means that each client will get the best & detailed property valuation that meets the highest level current standards.

For our clients, we ensure they will be able to make sound financial choices for their rural land or residential property, through a detailed valuation report, all in time for any HMRC payment schedule or other deadline.

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Tax Valuation Specialist

As we specialise in tax, trusts and accounts in North Devon, we can make a truly tailored service to meet our clients requirements. With extensive knowledge of the sector we are able to ensure there are no surprises throughout the process and are happy to provide detailed advice throughout our instruction.

Property Valuation Tax Purposes

Our valuations can be used for a variety of tax purposes such as:

  • Inheritance tax- when assets contain property or land, a valuation is recommended when working out the amount of tax payable to HMRC.
  • Capital gains tax(including March 1982 valuations)- This property valuation is a key component when calculating the capital gains tax payable on a property.
  • Stamp duty tax- These payments of tax vary in certain situations and how much the property is valued for. We will be able to advise how stamp duty applies to your property.
  • Corporation tax- A property valuation will be required when work out the sale of a company asset.
  • Income Tax- The property valuation when it applies to earnings.

Land & Property For Sale

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Contact Nancekivell & Co if you are unsure of what property valuation applies to you and your tax, trusts, and accounts in North Devon, we are here to help. Contact our team to get more clarity on your situation and we will be able to provide a detailed plan to start the process and support your through each stage.

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